MASC Showcase: Snowflakes in Freefall

This is a live showcase of snowflake images captured in freefall at Alta Ski Area using the University of Utah MASC (Multi Angle Snowflake Camera). For more information about this University of Utah and National Science Foundation project, or a gallery of snowflake highlights, please visit the Snowflake Stereography and Fallspeed home page or email Tim Garrett.

Images are taken at f/5.6 with an exposure of 1/25,000th of a second using a 1.2MP industrial camera with a 16 mm lens. The image width is 33 mm (1 1/3 inches).

We appreciate any support to improve the Snowflake Showcase at Alta.

Click on any snowflake to see it in full resolution. Note that all times are in MDT.
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Snowflake from 2015.01.23, 16:52:49
2015.01.23, 16:52:49
Snowflake from 2015.01.23, 15:50:19
2015.01.23, 15:50:19

Updated on: 2015.01.23, 17:11

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